AWANA 2022-2023 Registration is OPEN

Lebanon Free Families, 2021-2022 Awana Families, and Friends,

      We are excited to be offering Awana again this ministry year starting on September 14th, 2022 and running till April 26, 2023. It is open to 2 year old's thru 5th graders and we welcome Adult and Teen volunteering. We are planning on growing strong roots in Jesus and we hope you join us on the adventure!!! Here are the online registration links for you. Clubber cost is $25 for the year. Scholarships are available.



Welcome to "KIDZ HARVEST" Children's Ministry

It's our desire to come alongside parents and families to DEVELOP AND NURTURE YOUNG HEARTS FOR JESUS

You will find us doing what we do under the umbrella of ministry at the Lebanon Area Evangelical Free Church. It's mission statement is "KNOWING, LIVING, and SHARING the HEART of JESUS" and we believe that in order to accomplish the mission Jesus gave us we must take action now because the spiritual growth of our children needs to begin with the utmost importance from day one. 

We believe that there is a spiritual seed inside every child. Our ministry in KIDZ HARVEST is to provide the most nutritious, energetic, and impacting soil to surround that seed so when the Holy Spirit draws that child to God; they accept Jesus Christ; and a plant begins to grow … that plant will then be able to grow strong foundational roots for the life God has ahead of them.

We believe that parents are the primary “farmers” for their children. KIDZ HARVEST is PART of the area and tools the parents use to cultivate and grow their children. This is a "get your hands and feet dirty" ministry, it is not babysitting by any stretch of the means.

Our two pillar verses are Deuteronomy 6:6-9 (charge to parents) and Colossians 2:7 (charge to children). On these verses we base all that we do within KIDZ HARVEST.

We encourage you to check us out and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!!!

Your wild and wacky yet huggable and lovable Children's Pastor,

Pastor Daryl

KIDZ HARVEST Mission & Vision

"There is a spiritual seed inside every child. Our mission here at LAEFC is to come alongside parents to provide the richest, most nutritious, energetic, and impacting “soil” to surround that seed so when the Holy Spirit draws that child to God they accept Jesus Christ and a “plant begins to grow.” Our desire is for that plant to be able to grow strong foundational roots for the life God has ahead of them.

While parents are the primary “farmers” for their children, Kidz Harvest seeks to provide the tools that parents need to foster spiritual life in their children. Thus the ministry of Kidz Harvest is a partnership with parents, not a childcare service.

In short, we want to help parents

Develop and Nurture Young Hearts for Jesus

Our Goals:

  1. To provide safe, age-appropriate programs that will help our kids to grow in their understanding of who God is and how to have a relationship with Him.
  2. To teach songs and Bible lessons that will be relevant to today's kids.
  3. To come alongside families as they nurture and encourage the spiritual development of their children.
  4. To help children learn responsibility, become involved in service, and begin to reach their peers for Jesus Christ.



Your child’s safety is a core value of Kidz Harvest! Security cameras and restricted access to classroom areas help us protect the children. All adult Kidz Harvest volunteers and staff have obtained national security clearances.

At LAEFC, we employ a state-of-the-art security system. Children are checked-in at any of our computer kiosks located in the Worship Center lobby and receive printed name tags. Parents receive security receipts with the matching number and the child will be released only to the adult who has the matching security tag. It has been our experience that parents understand and appreciate the measures we take to ensure their child’s safety.

As a guest, you will be welcomed by a member of the Kidz Harvest team at the computer kiosks in the Worship Center lobby. You and your child will receive a name tag for you to fill in the last four digits of your phone number. This will serve as both their security tag and the number used to page you if a need arises.


We are pleased to provide safe, pleasant, and well-staffed nurseries for children from birth to three years old. Available during each scheduled service, these nurseries allow parents to worship, study, and serve while assured that their children are not only receiving quality care, but are being nurtured spiritually. Through Play-n-Worship, babies and toddlers discover the love of Jesus through intentional play, joy-filled worship videos, and interactive stories.

Baby Buds (Infants) & Seedlings (1 Year Olds)

All nurseries are located just off the lobby down the Children’s Wing, opposite the entrance to the worship center. A nursing mother’s room is also available inside the Baby Buds (Infants) nursery.

Toddlers: Sprouts (2 Year Olds) & Saplings (3 Year Olds)

Toddlers also enjoy Play-n-Worship along with craft and playtime. All are served a snack and best of all they are introduced to God by loving volunteers!!

Sunday AM PRE-K, Kindergarten, & Elementary KIDZ Summer Classes

We are currently engaging our children with relevant and exciting God-centered lessons that encourage them to walk with Jesus, obey their parents, and be kind to their friends.

KIDZ PRE-K & Kindergarten Classes - 9:00 & 10:45 a.m.

The class begins with kids in PRE-K and Kindergarten enjoying super-engaging, enthusiastic, kid-led praise and worship in their rooms. Then, through bible stories, hands-on activities, crafts, and snacks the kids learn valuable life lessons that will help them develop strong spiritual roots in their lives.

KIDZ Elementary Classes - 9:00 & 10:45 a.m.

After worshiping with their families in our main services, we dismiss our elementary classes back to their rooms for their God-Centered lessons where through conversation, activity, games, and projects they learn valuable life lessons that will help them develop strong spiritual roots in their lives.


Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. 

(Mid September thru April)

Awana is fun with a purpose! We partner with parents on a weekly basis to help kids come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ through fun games, activities and scripture memorization. Awana offers a series of clubs and programs geared to the needs of a particular age or grade.


PUGGLES is an enriching program for 2's & young 3’s that focuses on cultivating respect for God and all of the wonderful things He has blessed us with. (must be 2 by September 1st)

Our CUBBIES program is aimed at the two years before Kindergarten (3's & 4's) and is a lively experience where fun and learning go hand in hand. Like Puggles, the focus is on respect, but Cubbies begin memorizing Bible verses and earning awards. (must be 3 by September 1st).

SPARKS Club (K5 - Grade 2) combines age-appropriate learning with fun to create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement. Their focus is on developing a wisdom grounded in a Biblical worldview.

Finally, TRUTH & TRAINING (T&T) seeks to teach 3rd through 5th graders the truth of God's Word, focusing on His grace, as they begin to cultivate life long Bible study habits. 

Volunteers are the KEY to SUCCESS

In Kidz Harvest, we are committed to coming alongside parents to nurture and influence their child’s heart for God. Additionally, we encourage parents to partner with us in “tilling the soil” at LAEFC. Discipleship is one of our “big rocks,” or core values. What better way to build disciples than through modeling for your children what service to God looks like?

We invite every parent to find a place to volunteer. Anyone who is interested in having a blast being the hands and feet of Jesus to kids should come join us in Kidz Harvest. See Pastor Daryl or Ang for more information on how you can be a member of the team!