Our Mission and Purpose

It is our desire to focus every song, every drama, every message ... every thought on Jesus Christ.

It is our hope that the moment you step onto our campus you will begin to experience the significance and satisfaction that only Jesus Christ can bring to your life.

At LAEFC we have five foundational values that we call our "Big Rocks." We funnel everything we do through these core values, explained in detail below.

The Big Rocks: Five Foundational Values


We want to be growing disciples of Christ who actively reproduce other growing disciples.

What is a healthy, well-functioning disciple of Jesus Christ? Someone who is growing in Christ-likeness will:

  • be defined by loving others
  • love studying God's Word
  • serve God and others in the area of their giftedness
  • share the gospel and disciple others
  • exhibit transformation in becoming more like Christ
  • pray with dependency on God
  • enjoy God


Although salvation is a gift of grace that God freely gives, He chooses to communicate and offer this gift through His children. Sharing the truth about Jesus Christ is one of the most important acts of love a believer can carry out. We follow the Acts 1:8 model of evangelism: "You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Meaning we want to share Christ to our community, to our country and to the entire world. Our ministries are designed to accomplish this goal.


It is important to us that we have a culture in our church community in which every connection is centered around our intimately personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our culture should be defined by this relationship with Jesus Christ as we grow every deeper in our love and knowledge of Him. It is our hope that every person who comes on our campus will be blown away by the Heart of Jesus.


We desire to show the love of Jesus Christ in concrete ways. We want to know what causes a tear in God’s eye and respond to those who are in need. We especially want to serve those who are “the least of these.”


Jesus said that the way people will know who His disciples are is by how we love one each other. It is important that we are a place marked by love and unity. All are welcome and accepted here. God heals, restores and reengages broken people. May we be known as God’s instruments!