We recently mailed a survey to everyone who attends LAEFC. If you want to fill this survey out online, please use the following link: LAEFC ATTENDER CARE SURVEY

 (If you didn't receive a survey and you attend LAEFC, please feel free to fill out the survey)

J-ROCK 2021      May 21-23

Join us for our annual church-wide outreach weekend to Jonestown and surrounding communities!

We will come together to serve others through various work projects and outreach opportunities. Our weekend will conclude with a FREE Community Carnival in the Jonestown Park on Sunday evening, May 23, 5:00-7:00pm.

Registration is NOW open – Sign up in the lobby or print/complete/mail this form to 600 Shepherd Street, Jonestown. 

J-ROCK is not only about what happens this weekend, but rather what God is doing in and through the church family of LAEFC, putting our faith into action by serving our neighbors and sharing the heart of Jesus. 

If you have any questions, or could use a helping hand for minor home repairs, yardwork, painting, etc, please e-mail any request for consideration to




We love and need our church family.  If you have been coming to LAEFC for 25 years or a couple of weeks your service is needed in order for us to function vibrantly. Over the next four weeks our pastors will be sharing how you can be a part of making us the best we can be.

Live Stream

Live Stream the service or view our archived livestream by clicking on this link.

LAEFC Church YouTube

Special COVID-19 Statement

Our in-person services will continue to be held at 9:00am and 10:45am. Masks are requested. Our 10:45am service will be live streamed for those not comfortable gathering at the church. There also is a mask only service at 9:00am in the fellowship hall.