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Heading H2

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Heading H2

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SR High Youth Ministry

Monday nights from 7:00-9:00pm for 9th-12th grade


Bible Study—Youth meet together for a study in the Word that builds upon a yearly theme. 

Then, students meet in small groups for further discussion as well as to  build and

strengthen relationships with one another.


Worship and Hangout Night—Through this experience, youth strengthen their relationship

with the Lord and each other by spending time praising the Lord through song and prayer. 

There is also some time for fun and games.


Fun Night—Designed as an outreach to

bring friends and connect them to Christ,

students do something fun together such

as a sports tournament, baking contest, or

ice skating.


LEADS—A group of SR High students who

have chosen to serve in the youth group, to

grow in the area of leadership, and to strengthen their walk with the Lord.


Sunday from 10:30am-12:00pm


Sunday Morning Truth (SMT) - This begins with a large group gathrering of 6th-12th

graders and incorporates some fun and games, along with worhip and a devotional. 

Students are then separated into smaller groups, often by grade, for in-depth teaching of the

Word, discussion, and prayer.