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Heading H2

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Heading H2

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Puggles is the Awana club designated for 2 year olds.
(Cut-off date is September 1st of the current school year)

Puggles is a high-energy program focusing on one basic, Biblical precept each week. Puggles employs Awana's Total Teaching Time model, so every activity during the night has to do with the precept that is being taught. 

Lessons teach and reinforce four basic biblical precepts:    

• God Made Everything

• God Saw That It Was Good

• God is Love

• Give Thanks


Family Resources: 

We encourage parents to reinforce these

precepts at home! Special Take-Home

cards are available with lesson-centered activities for parents to do with their

children during the week.




We'd love to hear from you! Email Commander Heather Donmoyer for more

information on the Awana Program or the Puggles ministry.