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"There is a spiritual seed inside every child. Our mission here at LAEFC is to come alongside parents to provide the richest, most nutritious, energetic, and impacting “soil” to surround that seed so when the Holy Spirit draws that child to God they accept Jesus Christ and a “plant begins to grow.” Our desire is for that plant to be able to grow strong foundational roots for the life God has ahead of them.

While parents are the primary “farmers” for their children, Kidz Harvest seeks to provide the tools that parents need to foster spiritual life in their children. Thus the ministry of Kidz Harvest is a partnership with parents, not a childcare service.

In short, we want to help parents

Develop and Nurture Young Hearts for Jesus

Our Goals

1) To provide safe, age-appropriate programs that will help our kids to grow in their understanding of who God is and how to have a relationship with Him.

2) To teach songs and Bible lessons that will be relevant to today's kids.

3) To come alongside families as they nurture and encourage the spiritual development of their children.

4) To help children learn responsibility, become involved in service, and begin to reach their peers for Jesus Christ.

Below, you will find our BIG ROCKS within KIDZ HARVEST. Feel free to click on each one to find out more about what is important to us!!!